CRAPPY Running 04 450

I've got some trouble!! This thing runs terrible. I just got it back from a couple mechanics and they had given up on it. They believe it's an electrical problem (CDI, stator, coil...). First of all, it has stock jetting, a Ti-4 full exhaust but is otherwise stock. It ran awesome up until about 6 weeks ago and then things went downhill fast. About 1/8th throttle or so, it misses, pops and sounds like its hitting the rev limiter. I hate to buy new elictrical stuff not knowing what is wrong with it, and you can't return that kind of stuff. I would appreciate any input. Thanks

Any decent bike shop should be able to test all of your electrical components.

sounds like a stator, had one go on a 03 crf450, did the same thing. :excuseme:

Thanks...anybody else want to chime in?

had the stator go on my 03 450r too.

First of all, it has stock jetting, a Ti-4 full exhaust but is otherwise stock.
That might be your problem. I'm no expert, but it sounds like you're lean.

984, how did your bike run as the stator was going out? I'm just curious to see if it has the same symptoms I described earlier. Anybody else feel free to chime in.

A yamaha dealership should look at it - that way if they install a new CDI and it does not fix it - you do not pay for it.

Im willing to bet you are lean as well. I had to bump my pilot up to a 45 for hot weather otherwise my bike pops and sputters like you described.

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