Credit To Trail Tech

I have read passed strings where it seemed quite clear that some companies online shopping left a lot to be desired! Well this is a good story. I picked up a glitch with a Lynx Computer where it screwed up my ODO reading and ART reading when I changed batteries. I contacted Jeff at Trail Tech and explained it. He first asked me to send it in so as to check it out.... here's the catch I live in the Middle East and sending a unit from here to the U.S.A costs a packet. I road my bike and the unit seemed to work O.K just the ODO and ART readings were just seriously out which meant I would always have to subtract the error. I explained to Jeff that it costs a packet to post and I will just use it as is...... guess what ....he says... "no problem give me your address and I will send you a new unit" that's what I call service!! Let's give credit to the guys that want to do right by their customers!!


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