First Oil Change for the BRP

I just changed oil and filter on my new XRR after a 38 km break in ride. The dealer told me I could ride it for 1000 km or so before a first oil change :bonk: . I just found bits of gasket material as big as 3-4 mm, fine gold color flakes and aluminum shavings in the oil and filter. The oil with only 38 km on it looked like it was metallic based. I'm glad I did it early :excuseme: .

How much did yours take, mine seemed to take almost 2 quarts before it showed a good reading ont he dipstick, even after letting it run around awhile.

I got 1.7 litres into her to get to the upper portion of the dip stick. First I put in 1 full litre (quart bottle)plus a bit (100 mls) to get to the top. Then I ran her for about 5 minutes and when I shut her down it took the remainding 600 mls to top her off. I changed the filter too. The book says it takes a bit less oil if you don't do a filter change.

Did you clean the screens? I think you have one at the bottom of the frame oil reservior. That's where the bigh chunks end up on my XR600.

I change my oil more often than every 1000km. More like 300 to 400. I change the filter every other time.

I'd say do the oil and filter again at 350-300 kms. It shouldn't have nearly the amount of metal then as it did the first time.

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