Bar Mounts On A 2006

Has anyone tried switching them to rubber mount? I wouldn't mind changing mine and getting a small rise too. Who makes them to fit the stock clamp? Will Pro Taper risers work? Thanks

Anyone? I want to try getting something in time for the race this weekend. My dealer doesn't seem to know and the viberation through the bars is killing me.

I'm pretty sure you would have to get an aftermarket top triple clamp. Pro Taper makes a solid and a rubbermounted one. I know you can get different risers then from Pro Taper to fit your likings.

applied makes a cool looking top tripleclamp that you can get in many colors(red,blue,others) and you have a choice of solid or rubber bar mounts. i bought mine in the red with solid mounts from BTO sports looks way cool and you can move the bars foreward or backwards with the bar mounts supplied with the clamp...

i went with the applied ones as i've used them before with no problems and they have cool color choices, some of the others only come in one or 2 colors. and i like my bike to look fast even if i can't ride it fast..

I just put the Pro Taper rubber mount on my WR 450 and LOVE it.Was going to try the RG3 but I liked that the rubber pad was large and it seemed better to me that the leverage point was lower in the clamp.I ride woods and was worried about squirm/deflection. I,m running the blue(softest) with no complaints.They are also positionable unlike the RG3.I put on a PRO TAPER WOODS High Contour bar and its allows me to stand as much as necessary.

Theyre also only around $200 for the top clamp.

P.S. The instructions say to torque the pinch bolts to 12 ft lbs but after twisting the forks in a front tire washout I cranked e'm to stock specs.thier drawing shows the use of three bolts each side but the clamp only has two.

make sure whatever you order that you order the mounts for oversize bars if you still have the stock bars on your 06. they should be like 1 1/8 or something like that size bars. the rg3 mounts are spendy, the applied mount was under $140. i think it is like $10 bucks more to go up to rubber mounts.

I was hoping to just buy the mount part of the clamp if possible... but I'm not sure if Pro Taper stuff is compatible with that stock clamp. OR is the stock clamp made by Pro Taper, since it does have their bars?

Vibration? On an '06? Check you engine mount bolts.

The two holes in the top clamp for the bar mounts are different for rubber isolated bar mounts than they are for fixed ones. It's not a modification to be done lightly, as it would involve the removal of a significant amount of material and new bar mounts.

You best solution, if you want the rubber mounting, is a top clamp.

Its not that the bike viberates excessivley, but after a few hard laps my fingers go numb and I cant hold on anymore. I kinda figured the whole clamp needed replaced... bummer. I'm going to try some mono foam in the bars first and see if that helps, before I through money on a clamp.

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