Suspension advice.

And this is why I will be using MX-TECH valve componets in my suspension when I rebuild next time.

A shim is a shim dude. Go for who ever is cheapest if you buy a kit.

You don't need new pistons for your forks, the stock ones are very good now days. You can drill them out if you need more flow.

I won't actually be buying a kit as you say. I will have a local company do the work as I have a little more money than patience in this department. They are an authorized MX-Tech dealer and come highly recomended from some of the local riders I've talked to. I did some research on both the local shop and MX-Tech and I am impressed with their level of customer service & support. :excuseme:

Not really, it can be improved way out of sight! Trust me! :excuseme:

hit that nail on the head

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