Trail Tech Vapor (apparently) shipping

I was just there myself. Do you know if they are hard to install/set-up.?. I might be ordering mine today. I`m not good with wiring etc. Cool thanks 4 the heads up :excuseme:

Wow that is really nice, wonder how easy to tap into all of our sensor wires.

Hey Y'all,

I am supposed to receive mine on Wednesday. I spoke with one of the techs. He sent me some pictures of the install. It looks like it is as easy as installing all their other units. I am going a little farther though on my install. I am installing the KTM fan. I had them ship me another one of their temp pickup units. I am going to tap my fan's thermoswitch into the that piece. That way I will have the fan turn on at the right temp. I will post some pictures after I get it all installed. Happy riding, Tony

Cool keep us informed...

I ordered mine last week. I hope it gets here soon!

Hey Y'all,

I received my Vaypor today. I was able to tap into their temp. sensor and place the thermoswitch from the KTM fan into it. That way I will have a cleaner and more correct temp for the fan to cut on at. I should be getting my base gasket in from the Honda dealer in a few days. Then I will rebuild my motor and put the Vaypor on. I can't wait. Happy riding, Tony

Got mine lastnight.

Will be doing the install this weekend.

Will the Vapor work for the 650L?

It only lists a 650R...


Yes it will. You can go and download the instructions. You are just mounting a magnet to the front disk and the associated pickup. It is not too hard. It would take about a hour to do the full install. Happy riding, Tony

Which one should I order for the XR600r? I'm thinking the xr250/400 kit, rather than the xr650 kit. Anyone?

75-402 is your part number - The air-cooled engine temperature sensor production is slow. The air cooled bike are shipping with water sensors. The correct engine temperatue sensor (fits under the spark plug) will be aready in about 6-8 weeks.

For the XRR is was disappointed by the fact that the inline H2O temp sensor is about 2mm too small in diameter. Called Trailtech and they said that they only make a 23mm (which is what cyou get for the XRR and a 25mm). So you have to stick a 23mm sensor tube in a 25mm radiator hose. Not only am I concerned about leaks, but also about reduced coolant flow.

Other than that the Vapor is a nice piece of equipment.

I just got my Vapor installed, What are you setting your water temp warning at and your high over rev warning. Thanks.

I got mine about 3 weeks ago for my XR600R. And its a sweet deal.

Is the vapor from TT available now for the XR600R with the under plug temp sensor? If so Ill order one today!!!

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