reunited at last!

finally!!! yamaha got around to shipping me the part i needed.

i had about a 1/4 inch piece snap off of the bottom of the front cam chain guide. has anyone else had this happen, or heard of it happening, or have any idea why it happened?

i would appreciate any feed back on your thoughts so this doesn't happen again. it took yamaha like over a month to backorder the part and i been stuck riding a 2 smoke. :D

But those days are to an end now :D

i hope to be able to take my yamathumper to practice thursday night!!!! :)

(provided we get it put back together tonite/tommorrow)

peace out. :D

Isn't this a song sung by "Peaches and Herb"?


lol. something like that. i got my part yesterday, but couldn't werk on it last night. there was a vast power failure in western pa, and i don't think i can put it back together in the dark... i'll work on it tonite... hopefully back by tomorrow...

noone ha any ideas on how it could have broke in the first place?

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