I found a clean 2000 650R, but scared to buy?

I have heard and read about issues in the early years, so should I not consider buying a clean 2000, or how can I be sure the bike has not had any problems associated with the early year issues? I have been told the bike is a mirror image the new 07, minus graphics, seat covers or simple cosmetics. The bike is completely stock, and looks in very good condition. How much could it be worth? Please offer advice if you can. Thanks :excuseme:

Go pick the bike up and then spend a night reading this site. You'll be fine. The upgrades you need to do will cost you $25 and to uncork it properly, around $150.

Pig Pen

I have no specific knowledge about problems with early bikes. There was an improved clutch bushing and countershaft seal released since initial production release of the 650R. But I don't think those would be reasons to shy away from a clean / unmolested bike.

I don't have any useful advice on price, but I'll keep typing. I would watch your local market and see what they are going for. Up here in Michigan, I think a lot of people buy 650R's not understanding what they are, then get tired / bored with them when they have trouble starting it. So you can find lightly used samples all day long in the $3k / 4K range. In Jan 2005 I paid $3200 for a practically new 2001, then spent close to that amount again in modifications.

$2500-$3000 max IMO.

$2500-$3000 max IMO.

agreed, I wouldn't pay more than 3k for a 2000 unless it was spotless and dual sported.

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