2001 426 no spark

My 2001 YZ 426 had been eating plugs like mad.Now last night it just plain died no spark .I had ridden about 3 miles after 15 minutes bike refired and I went about the same distance and it quit again.After sitting all night no spark this morning.I thinking Cdi or coil.I'm going to check kill switch and things of that nature pretty sure that it is not kill switch.Any ideas also can I use a Cdi and a coil from a WR.

My 2001 YZ 426 had been eating plugs like mad.

You shouldn't hardly ever need to replace plugs. If it always needs a new plug that means your doing something wrong. My brothers bike had the original plug in it until last month we changed it because someone gave us some free plugs. The old plug was fine except a little corrosion around where the cap goes on. He said that he couldn't even tell the difference with the new plug so he didnt even need a new one. I might be able to help you with the coil problem though. My old 1980 xr80 was having the same symptoms as you described so my dad used his volt meter and kept narrowing the problem down further and further until he found a little break in the wire that fed the coil. It was a lucky find because from the outside you couldn't even tell anything was wrong but inside the rubber there was a break in the wire that was coming in and out of contact making the problem that you have. Sorry i couldn't give a better description I was only 7 when I had that bike.

I am experiencing a very similar problem. At first I thought my jetting was waaay off and that is why I was losing plugs. But the more I look into this problem, the more it looks electrical. I am pretty sure either my stator is going south or the coil is bad. Perhaps it could be the wiring in between, but either way...I will track it down!

i would say the coil is bad, test it to see but it could be anything in the wiring :excuseme:

Got home from work bike fired up after 3 kicks .I did check coil and the reading were not where they should have been.I guess I will get a new coil and try that.I hate electrical trouble so many wires that could be shorted out some where along there path. :bonk::excuseme:

Since I don't have my manual handy...can somebody tell me what resistance value should be across the coil?

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