Carbon fiber pipe guard?

I'm looking for a carbon fiber, or other good looking pipe guard for my wr400. I put a Pro Circuit T-4 system on last year, and it's been hell on pant legs ever since. I don't have a problem on tracks but in the tight woods trails, I seem to hit it once and a while and it only takes a split second to melt through. Any help would be cool. Thanks

I've got an E-Line on my FMF Powerbomb. Spendy, but nice and durable...SC

oh wow thanx clarke. i didnt know there was such a thing for the powerbomb

now im convinced to buy one ^^

wow theres even one for procircuit O_O

how about for a 99 wr400 with stock header?

Pro Circuit T-4 pipe takes a slightly different route to the muffler, (above and away from the oil filter) which is kind of nice when changing oil. so I assume the bend is different. And the guard was missing on the stock pipe when I bought it, so I don,t have one to try. That e-line looks pretty nice, but a bit spendy at the moment.

Thanks Guys.

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