Have to Sell

Hey Guys,

Long time since I posted but after the injuries to my wrists in May of '05 I haven't been able to ride. Found out yesterday that I will need 3 more surgeries on wrists so I am selling my '05 WR450. :excuseme: Know of anybody interested send me a message. The bike only has 500 miles on it. I have put alot of aftermarket trick stuff on it: Applied Clamp, GPR damper, Devol Skid plate, Devol radiator guards, Race tech valving, White Bros E2 pipe, JD jetting, Smog removal kit, D.I.D. Chain(brand new w/ sprockets), IMS Desert tank. Bike rips hard! Hopefully I can ride again someday maybe w/ an '08 450. Thanks!

PM Sent.

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