WR header the same size as YZ headpipe?

I just recently picked up a stock YZ muffler and I'm replacing my stock WR muffler. The YZ muffler seems alot bigger than the WR headpipe and the clamp for the YZ is much bigger than the WR clamp. My WR muffler has all of the tabs compressed down to the size of the header, should I compress the tabs on the YZ muffler and use the WR clamp? Both mufflers are off of 98' bikes. Also would it be advicable to use some kind of heat tape or heat resistant silicone sealer where the muffler connects to the headpipe?

There is an exhaust spacer that goes inside of the s-pipe at the connection between the header pipe and exhaust pipe. Sometimes you can carefully extract the old one from the old pipe( I always tear them up so I just replace it. About $8.00 from your local dealer.

Bonzai :)

Yeah I noticed some kind of sleeve in my stock muffler but it didn't look like anything that would come out without tearing up. I'll swing by the dealer tomorrow and see if they have one.

Thanks, Chris

Yama is correct, get the stock spacer/seal that goes in there. You won't have to mess with silicone ever!



This partsfish has provided alot of info when comparing the YZ / WR parts. Good luck !!! I have a stock YZ pipe coming any day myself. Thanks to a TT member.

Pete :)


I ran by the dealer yesterday and picked up the exhaust spacer plus I had to get a bushing for the rear mounting bolt. The YZ muffler mounts differently to the subframe by your rear fender. The WR just uses a bolt but with the YZ you need to buy rubber bushing, I think they called it a damper with an insert that runs through the middle of the bushing. You might also need the another rubber grommet that keeps your side panel from touching the exhaust, the YZ has two of them. I ended up spending about $20 for the spacer, damper bushing, bushing insert & washer, and the rubber grommet. I'm going to try to put everything together this weekend and hopefully get out and do some riding. Anybody live in the St. Louis area? My two riding buddies never go anymore, one got married and the other one is going through a rough seperation.


Almost forgot, I did have to get a longer bolt to mount through that thicker damping spacer.


Thanks.. I used the partsfish that I sent you to write down all the part #'s that I needed before going to the dealer :) You know how they are. How is the riding in your area, I used to get down to Mark Twain lake for BASS tournaments in the Fall. A very nice looking area. If you have some great riding trails East of St. Louis closer to Chicago I might be interested in making a road trip some time. I can always talk my brother-in-law into taking a road trip with me. Take care.

Pete :D


Well most of the riding around here is south and west of St. Louis. The best trail riding would probably be in Columbia about 2 hours west of St. Louis. We're pretty limited to public riding areas around here, most of the good ones have been shut down over the past few years. I'm starting to see more mx tracks pop up here and there but I'm more into woods riding. If you have any good areas up your way maybe I could make a trip up there sometime. Take it easy.



Oops I put my gremlins in the wrong spot.


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