girlfriend ??? follow up

so now that we have established how everyone feels about the propper bike for my girlfiend, a fellow TTer has enlightened me on a brilliant idea. Off road riding class!!! I thought that that was a great idea. leave it to a woman to think of the good idea. So anyways my question is where are these classes. Im in orange county californa and i really would like to sign the litle lady up for one of these classes. So boys and girls don't let me down lets get the info flyn' :excuseme:

Try I am trying to get my wife in one of thier classes right now. They seem to be the most organized and they have classes all over the country. They are also a division of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. The rates are pretty resonable at only 100 dollars for a full day of instruction if you use her bike which is what they recommend. :excuseme:

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