Rekluse ???

I'm the proud owner of a 00 426 and i need some infro on this rekluse clutch set up. what does it do? what are the advantages? i looked at the TT store description and it left me scratching my head. i need some descriptions testimonials anything!!! please help a fellow TTer out

The Rekluse is a centrifigul clutch, similar in concept clutches used on beginner bikes like the Honda 50 and so on.

It uses a ball ramp arrangement, so when the engine rpm increases, the balls go up the ramp dur to centrifugal force, which puts pressure on the pressure plate and forces the clutch closed. The function of it is very similar to a torque converter in an automatic transmission in your car. You can come to a stop with the car still in gear and you don't have to engage the clutch to keep in from stalling. You still have to shift your bike with the Rekluse, it won't automatically shift gears for you.

What it does:

1) The bike will never stall, you can slam on your brakes with the throttle off and the clutch will automatically disengage. This is great fun for breaking into corners and powering out.

2) The clutch is awsome for technical trail riding. On a normal clutch, you need to feather the clutch to go over opsticals to keep it from stalling, and to smooth out the power so the bike doesn't jerk you around. With the Rekluse, you can attach opsticals like rocks, roots, hill climbs etc and the bike will happily motor over it easily. It really is like cheating, and you'll save you clutch hand from blisters and help eliminate arm pump.

3) For cornering, the Rekluse is great because it modulates power to the ground. If you nail the throttle coming out of a turn on a bike with a normal clutch, the rear end will tend to break loose and step out. The Rekluse acts like a pro working your clutch, it feeds the power to the rear wheel making it very controllable.

What it doesn't do:

1) You can't bull dog your bike down a steep hill with the motor off and the bike in gear. The Rekluse automatically disengages when the bike is at idle or turned off, so you can't leave the bike in gear to help you brake as you muscle you bike down a steep hill.

2) You can't bump start your bike. You'll have to kickstart it no matter what.

3) Clutch set up takes a little bit of time to dial in. It's pretty easy, but still takes time. For example, you need to make sure the install gap (this is the distance between the top clutch fiber disk and clutch steel disk) is between .030" and .042". This is done by swapping out thicker steel clutch plates supplied by Rekluse. It's easy, but takes a little time. Plus, you need to break in the clutch and then re-check the install gap. The instructions are very good at explaining this.

I love the clutch. People who have tried it on my bike have or are going to buy one.

If you are new to riding, it will be like magic. If you lazy, it will make you a better rider. Just don't tell your buddies.

I installed a Rekluse in my yz450, and it was the greatest thing until someone stole the bike. :p On a 4-smoke it is the only way to go and I will never go back to a regular clutch. :excuseme: I haven't tried one on a 2-smoke, and I don't think I would go that route because I like to keep my 2-smoke rapped out. The Rekluse tens to be a little grabby with my clutch lever in while rapping out the motor. I recommend the perch adapter which will allow you to use the clutch lever to override the Rekluse. I have found you can actually use the clutch lever without the perch adapter, but the clutch lever will flop around like a limp prick.

The only time the Rekluse clutch slips is when you are at an idle or if you have the clutch lever pulled in. If you pull the clutch in at speed and then let go, the clutch will slip for a second or two before it grabs again. If you stall the engine, you cannot bump/push start the motor. The clutch will just free-wheel. As long as the engine is still running it will still have engine braking like normal for going down those steep hills.

I love being able to roll to a stop and not have to fumble around to find neutral. When I am ready to go, just give throttle and the transition is perfect and consistent every time. You can adjust how soft or grabby the clutch is by replacing external springs or adjusting the perch adapter. I like mine grabby, but if I burp the throttle from a dead stop the engine will sometimes stall from grabbing too quickly.

There are many parts in the clutch kit and you will need to take your time and read the instructions very carefully. You should use a torque wrench, blue locktight, and two feeler gauges. The kit comes with a thicker clutch cover gasket, but I bought the kit second hand and the gasket for some reason wasn't thick enough. This caused the clutch to rub the clutch cover sending small metal particles into the oil. Luckily I caught it right away. The gasket in the kit was about 4 times as thick as the stock one but still wasn't thick enough. I bought some thick gasket material and made another one to stack on to the first one. I torqued the cover on correctly with a torque wrench, but cracked the cover because the gaskets flexed. I found the best solution is just to buy the after market cover that is about 1/4 inch deeper. Rekluse will sell one of these covers, but other manufacturers have them as well. If you choose to use the thick gasket, double check the clearance between the clutch and cover and don't over torque.

Even though I had some snafu's with the clutch cover, I really love the product. I have already bought another Rekluse clutch a couple months ago in anticipation for a yz450 which I just picked up last week. Like I said, I will never go back. If I were all thumbs, they would all be up for the Rekluse :bonk::busted::bonk::p:p

Will the rekluse help in races with dead engine starts since 4 strokes do not seam to start in gear very easily?

i need some infro on this rekluse clutch set up.

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