Need to find an OVERSIZE gas tank for XR650L

Hey I have seen tons of these gas tanks out there but I can't seem to find a good one at my local shop or where I normally shope. Can anyone refer me to a good priced oversize 4 to 5 gallon gas tank for the xr650L... pls...

Thanks has many that are very popular and good fitting. I've got the 4.6 gal and it pops on in 30 min., perfect fit, less than $200 shipped. There are pictures here if you search for Clarke 4.6. You can ebay your old tank to boot.

There was a guy in Colorado on Ebay selling Clarke tanks, cant recall the shop name. I picked up a 4 gal for my 02 L for $175 or so. There all new #1 quality and good service.

I have a white IMS that I can sell. In good shape (used...NOT new) with a petcock, cap, etc...I'll let it go for $75.00. I can e-pix if you want....

Too bad it isn't black, I have a white Acerbis 5 gal and I want a black one, any make except steel.

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