Oil leak?

Ok I have a quick question for ya guys. Heres what happened, my sprocket retaining ring failed to hold the nut in place which resulted in the nut backing off and oil leaking on to the chain and flinging all over the place. My question is, Is this a normal result in the nut loosining up or do I have bigger problems? And can i just tighten up the nut to stop the leak?

This is on my 2003 WR450. Thanks guys! :excuseme:

I think you have another problem. Someone may correct me but

I don't think the seal should leak at all, with or without a sprocket.

When it was loose, did it 'waller' around and ding the seal up?

No it all looks good. There is a metal sleave on the counter shaft that I was able to push back in, it slid about 1/8th inch. Would this be the seal problem?

I had it happen to me once before.

Do the nut up tight and leaking should stop. There is a seal on the other side that when there is no pressure on it will leak.

It looks like heaps of oil, but it isnt. Check your oil and it should still be good.

The seals are very easy replaced, but do the nut up first and see. All will be OK.

Ya it was definitly reason for concern. I would have swarn that there wasnt a drop of oil left in the case but I drained it today and like you said it was still full. So O will crank the nut and rebend the washer and give her a go! With a fresh oil change of course! I baby my baby now more than I should!

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