The BIG free mod question

Hey YamaHud, I suggest you do what yz-dwg did, go and ride the bike as is for a month. By then you will be comfortable with the bike and will surely be wanting more out of it.

Then change the throttle stop and cut/pull the grey wire. Get the part number of the Yz throttle stop and just go order it. As someone has already pointed out, if you don't eventually do these mods, you may as well be riding a ttr.

YamaHud, this is exactly what I just did. I had not been on dirt in years, but have been riding a Softail and FZR (so this is my first 450 too). I spent about 10 to 15 hours riding it stock, then cut the throttle screw, pulled the grey wire and snorkel. Then went out and bascially started "relearning" how to ride the bike (b/c it yields much more power- stock throttle screw only gives you about 1/2 a turn!). But, as was previously stated, that power actually makes it easier (safer) to ride in certain scenarios (mini-wheelie over bumps, etc). Better to have the power and not need it, then to need it and not have it- one just has to learn throttle control. (Still working on this part! :thumbsup: )

I'd recommend this method of "growing with the bike"- it worked for me and continues to build my confidence in the WR and my own skills.

Good luck!

I was once uninformed like yourself. In order to keep from being flamed, use the forum search function. There is more info here than you can invent questions for. I find I rarely need to post, as most performance related questions have been hashed to death already. Also, check the sticky (read "permanent") posts on the first page.

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