P38 Lighting Kit

I know NH Kevin is working on a 98/99 BK mod and I'm eagerly awaiting the results. Meanwhile, I was wondering if anyone has any information on the P38 Lighting kit from Factory R&D. Does this kit improve performance and if so can you put one on a 98 WR400?


Thanks for the reply. I'll wait to hear how your mod's go before investing in one.

I just put a P38 on my 99WR. Big improvement for the money. If you want to check it out I'm at Chadwick. Yes just down the road. Give me a call at ...-2441 if you do. :)


Whilst searching the archives I found this post of yours on the p-38.

Did it get rid of the bog when you blip the throttle. I would consider investing in one if it did.

Additionally, are there any major jetting changes necessary?

P.s. Joel, did you get one? This post is several months old.


I did get one, but have not put it on yet. I have been hesitant to put it on until I have a little free time on my hands, due to previous postings which indicate that you need to re-jet following installation. It's one of those things I plan to do when I have time to tinker.

Man! I wonder when that will happen?

Momilkman- read your pm

Joel G-- I put mine on without rejetting at first, very nice mod. I've been tinkering with jetting since then. I didn't see any need for a rejet to add this item, but I was running a 48 pilot at the time and a larger main. My.02

i have p38 installed and it works great.took me a few hours of experimenting with jetting before i got it dial in perfect.


Thanks for the info. Your input is encouraging. since it may not be the project I had envisioned, I think I'll go ahead and install it ASAP.

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