Am I missing anything? My bike preped, ready to go?

I got my '06 450f and I was wondering if I done EVERYTHING that needed to be done to be good to hit the track. This will be my first time on a motocross track, so if you guys have any tips and hints to add that would be much appericated!

I done:

  • Greased steering stem bearings, wheel bearings, linkage bearings, throttle tube.
    Broke it in, changed oil 2 times now, oil filter two times also.
    Raised forks to first line (5mm).
    Set my Sag to 95.25mm (Im a big guy)
    Got my Jetting situated with a 48 pilot / 1.5 turns out on pilot screw
    Got the air-filter all stickied up with some Filter Oil, and it's ready to go!

I did not have a chance to get a new chain, but after tomorrow I plan to get one sometime before I go to the track agian (next week). Which kind of chain do you guys reccommed? I want it to fit good, not be too wide.


Sounds good to me, probably just have to do some fine tuning with the fuel screw depending on the weather. What is your elevation and typical weather? What type of grease did you use on the bearings?

I have had both DID gold chains and the renthal R1 chains, both have been great. The stocker is a P.O.S. I bought devol skid plate and radiatore guards, which look really nice.

It's a sweet bike.....also, i bought a scotts stainless oil fitler (haven't even put it in yet), just so I can change my filter everytime I change my oil!

Good luck :excuseme:

My weather is average about 65 in summer. Tomorrow its supposed to storm, so I may have to wait until Thursday or Friday its supposed to be really nice.

My elevation is 788 feet where Im racing, and about 715 here at home.

I used Amsoil waterproof lithium highspeed bearing grease, bought it at my Yamaha dealer. I also plan on getting the scotts stainless steel oil filter when I pick up my new chain! I want to go to my dealer and order the GYTR skid plate, I love the look of it on the bike because its flush with the inside of frame.

Get the Regina ORN6. For around $70, you'll get about two years or more (depending, of course) of near attention free service (wash it, lube it, ride it). And it fits just fine.

I hear good things about the Regina ORN6.

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