Anybody like Traction Pads???

I saw some of these at rocky mountain atv as well and it made me curious. I use grip tape myself, but these might be loads easier.

My son swears by 'em on his WR...has 'em on the sides of the air box, on his frame guards, and on the tank.

stop girp has them for the 06's you just need to call them and order them, there website is outdated

just make sure you get the glue nice and warm before you put them on.I had them on my crf and they started to peel off after a while.

i love mine ...a lot of people whine about them coming off.....i think its operator error during instalation...ive never had a problem....

On the frame, griptape (for a skateboard) works really well, I havent tried it on the tank.

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