Oil leak?

Hey guys this is on a WR but since we have the same motor maybe you can help.

Oil leak?

Ok I have a quick question for ya guys. Heres what happened, my sprocket retaining ring failed to hold the nut in place which resulted in the nut backing off and oil leaking on to the chain and flinging all over the place. My question is, Is this a normal result in the nut loosining up or do I have bigger problems? And can i just tighten up the nut to stop the leak?

This is on my 2003 WR450. Thanks guys!

If the nut were the only thing that moved, it shouldn't have leaked. But, if the sprocket moved out on the shaft, and allowed the seal collar behind it to do the same, then it could have.

There's a collar behind the front sprocket that the seal rides on. There is an O-ring between that collar and the countershaft that prevents oil from running between the shaft and collar. If the collar moved out far enough, it could have allowed oil past this ring, and if that's all it was, then tightening things down will likely fix things. But if that ring became damaged (or was bad or missing in the first place), or the countershaft seal itself got hurt, then replacement is in order. It can be done from the outside with the engine in place, but try torquing it back up first.

I knew there was someone in here with the answer I was looking for. The collar did move out about an 1/8th of an inch I pushed it back in. I will just put everything back together and give it a shot. I thank you!

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