xr650r new wheels

finally finished getting some cbr f3 wheels to fit on my 650r thought i would share some pics.




Details? What was involved in making them work?

Yes What Did You Have To Do!

the front wheel was super easy. i had to grind the left side hube flush with the bearing and then get a washer to space it out and i used my spacer from my front wheel to get it centered. i then had to buy a bushing to reduce the size of the bearing. after that i had to make a caliper relocation bracket.

the rear wheel was a little bit of a pain. i had to grind the right side of the hub flush with the bearing. take of 8mm where the rotor mounts to get it to fit in the caliper. i then took off a crap load on the cushdrive side. not sure how much but i just machined it until i could change the bearing out when i welded the cushdrive in place. i then had to turn down all the bolts so they would clear the swingarm. i then bought a sprocket for a cbr f3 for a 520 chain and i was done. definately took awhile. i bet i could do another set wicked fast now since i know what needs to be done and the trial and error part is all over.

there is a guy named kubiak on supermotojunkie.com who walked me through alot of this. if it wasn't for him i would have never been able to do this.

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