I shoulda got a YZ


So much talent on such a pile....

That's twice now.

Ever since I was a kid there has been a little voice in the back of my head that said, "Never buy a Kawasaki". :excuseme:

thats a shame that he is always goin down due to the bike

Does anyone know exactly what happened to the bike. I mean he looked pretty fast up to that point. Engine grenaded equates to ??? valves or piston broken?

She threw a rod................locked up a sent Bubba flying ...again... :excuseme:

Well did you guys see the lites race???? 3 Kawasaki's blew up in the first moto.

can you say LAWN DART?!?!?!?

someone get him a yzf...or even a crf.

Someone get him a computer game and off the race track.

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