XR650L owners (sticker question)

Where is your emissions sticker and what does it say?

Anyone have a photo?

Just trying to cover all my bases before going to the DMV.

Fun fun!

I'm here in California and I don't think DMV cares about an emissions sticker. I don't have my bike or stock pipe here so I don't know where the sticker would be. I know that when I bought my '94 650L from it's previous owner DMV didn't need to look at the bike, just the paperwork. And I took my driving test on my L with my Big Gun pipe and they didn't care. So I'm not sure if there is a situation where they would look; maybe a brand new bike?

This is my first posting so here it goes... :p

It is on the head stock of the frame. It will have a repeat of the VIN on it, and it will also list that the motorcycle meets all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards for that particular model year. I have some pretty extensive knowledge in this particular field due to trying to get a WRF450 registered. :excuseme:

In short if the bike was manufactured as an off-highway motorcycle it cannot legally be registered for street use. If you browse this site you will find numerous postings saying where you can get your off-highway bike registered with little difficulty.

What I did find out through DMV and California Air Recourses Board (CARB) was that there may be an investigation through the registration records to find out which motorcycles have been mis-registered for on-highway use. Seeing that this would be labor intensive, I cannot see the state throwing money away on manhours for such a small part of the registration base. :bonk:

So after all the hassle over a three week period, I returned the WRF450 :p , and got a XR650L :bonk: .

If you look at the CARB webpage, it will list "executive orders", these are issued for all vehicles manufactured for sale in the state. If you find your bike in the on-highway section, it can be legally registered for street use, if not you will be putting all those nasty emissions into the air, just off highway only :busted: (I dont get it either).

The really bad news is for all of those who live outside the Peoples Republic of California. More states are adopting California emissions standards, so you will have fun in the coming years, just as we are :p .

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