ssr 125 c3 brake problems

ive had my ssr 125 for about 2 months now and last week sometime my rear brakes were locking up my buddy told me to open the bleeder valve and i did and now the brakes wont collapse against the disc i have tried to bleed them and everything and it seems like the caliper is moving any1 had this problem or a fix to this would be great any help would be awesome thanks



131cc kit

fox shok

one industries seat cover/sano systems chaos graphics

26mmcarb/foam uni filter

all billet you can get

biggun pipe

bbr cdi

many others leaves my buddies scratchin there heads


try harder to bleed them. You're doing it wrong.

If the brakes drag, it may be because the slave cylinder pinion is adjusted wrong. Disconnect the brake pedal from the pinion.....and the pinion can screw or unscrew, adjusting the 'at-rest' position of the pinion. I suspect this is what makes your rear brake lock up...

my dad had that problem with his big bike but he pushed the brake lever moderaly hard and picked the back of the bike up and dropped it and it stoppedlocking up may not work for u but is worth a try huh? good luck

the problem is there not working at all now i can feel the caliper moving but its not squeezing the brake disc hard enough to make it stop so i have no brakes in the rear this sux im going to the track saturday and i need my brakes or i wont be able to race

youve got to bleed them some more, the caliper is moving because theres liquid in but when it come to put some force on it just compress' the air in it and not the pads. Also make sure youve got enough brake fluid in. Also make sure you tightened up the bleed valve fully and its not leaking air into the caliper.


For what it's worth, i never use the bleeder valve period. Tighten it down, and leave it.

Put a wrench oh the banjo bolt attaching the line to the caliper...pump the pedal and hold it, then loosen and tighten the banjo bolt. Usually if I do that 6 or 7 times, the pressure is enough that fluid squirts out with crazy force if i loosen the banjo bolt. The brakes have great feel and no dragging or problems with agressive stops.

still not working guys this is all bad i might need to order a new brake system im not very happy with this problem any more ideas??

take it off the bike. Bench bleed it. Come visit the mx track in northeast nebraska and i'll bleed it good and proper for you.

Do like Matt has suggested. They can be tricky to bleed, but, done properly it usually solves the problem. Have you also messed with the brake rod linkage?

my buddy told me to open the bleeder valve

I suggest you don't take any more repair advice from Gomer there. Getting bubbles out of your lines can be a real pain.

yeah, and as i said, the bleeder valve just doesn't work well (in my experience) for bleeding. Fill the cylinder with fluid and use the banjo bolt to bleed. :ride:

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