Pictures: Broken Sub Frame

Well it broke! 2nd ride stopping failure to date. :excuseme::bonk:

Big zip ties to get me home.





Cut a chunk off an old RM 125 sub frame i had.


Trimmed the junk off the bottom and lined it all up.


Welded on. back on the road in 24 hours or so.


Cool! What was the second ride stopping event? :excuseme:

Did that happen from a crash or just normal riding?

it wore out!! :excuseme:

first failure was the water pump seal!!

That is what I have been saying about aluminum frames all along! I am on my second Sub frame. The first one wore out without crash damage! It actually rubbed the aluminum tube wall metal away to pop can thickness! They can have Aluminum frames! I like the new 2007 KTM with chrome moly oval tubing! I hope Yamaha makes the 2008 real enduro worthy with EFI and 6 speed! :excuseme:

how about,

2008 wr650f

-6 speed

-chromo frame

how about,

2008 wr650f

-6 speed

-chromo frame

That would keep me from buying another KTM! :excuseme::bonk::busted:

me too!!!

long live the ti 5 valve head..................

that is, unless they keep up with the 5 speed trans and 8.5L tank junk!!!

200 cc more??????

and i suppose you would still, open the airbox, cut the grey wire, and make it go faster.... nutters. you would need to loctite your arms into their sockets.

then again being able to lift it in 4th at over 100kph would be fun.

wr650 motard would be totally evil on some of these roads here in Tasmania

1/2 as much horse power again??? insane

even crazier, why not YZ time it.

then again i can see the possibilties

nice repair job Simon

ok, 550cc would be ok.

how about,

2008 wr650f

-6 speed

-chromo frame

Sounds like you are describing a Husaberg...........

550 is E nuff!

Shame Yamaha wont do it - stick with the tried and proven formula.

KTM looks good for 07 - they will get a lot of 2007 sales IMHO.

I had 2 bad crashes this year, but my bike and sub survived them well. Just my left shoulder dislocated.

KTM looks good for 07 - they will get a lot of 2007 sales IMHO.

Have you seen their '07 line up? Impressive!!!

You won't see a big manufacturer pumping out those sort of bikes!

Sounds like you are describing a Husaberg...........

i have ridden and love the 650fse....................BUT.........

i have seen 1 too meny of them with problems right out of the box!!

I snaped my subframe on my old 2001 yz250f in the same spot.

And I have a bend in my 2004 yz250f sub frame on the other side.

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