Rear Shock Questions

My rear shock blew the seal out this weekend. It dumped all of the oil out and made a huge mess. I just had the shock rebuilt and this was the first ride out on it. The re-builder informed me that the shaft had a nick in it and that it "might" not hold.

So with that said- what other bikes share the same shock as a 2000 WR400? I am going to try to source one from eBay but need to know what years and models I can get a shock off of?

You might try and contact a person at Racetech they compile a lot of suspension information for their data base. Remember they are salesmen and will likely try and sell you something or want to repair your existing shock. I had an old yz465 repaired there many years ago and the guy put all different used shock parts on it did not even look like the same shock when i got it back but it worked great. they will be able to tell you what model shocks from other bikes will work.

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