05/06 WR450 stock muffler

Can this be fitted to other models ? yz450/426 or the Wr400 ?

05 & 06 silencer should fit a 04 - 05 yz

I put a 05 wr muffler on my 03 wr 450. I think that it will bolt onto any 400-426 or 450 Yamaha providing you have the stock head pipe. On my old wr 400 I had a muffler off of a wr 426. It bolted on with NO mods.


You put the 2005 muffler on your 2003 Wr450? Did it bolt right up? What reason for chaning the muffer? Is there any change from the 2005 to the 2006 exhaust?


I used the 05 muffler because it was lighter (aluminum vs stainless) and quieter. I have since installed a Pro Moto Billet insert and it is still only 96 db. And it has plenty of power for me.

The only differance is that the 05 is rubber mounted where the 03 is solid mounted.

I wouldn'd swear that the 05 is the same as the 06 but they sure look the same. If I could check part numbers somewhere I could tell for sure.


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