stick coil conversion

Will a 2002 cbr 600 coil work on my 01 426?

I'm not sure about the coil that you mentioned but, I do know that a coil from a Yamaha R1 will work. I did the "coil on cap conversion" to my 02 YZ426 to make it like the newer YZF's. I had to buy a complete set of four coils so that I received the coil and the needed connector for an easy (2 wire) swap. This conversion not only cleans up the look of the bike, but it allows much easier access to the shock pre load rings for setting your sag. Do a search for "Coil on cap" and I'm sure you find several post.

So what did yo do with the other 3 coils want to sell one.Maybe I should just borrow one from my sled RX-1 same motor as the R-1 bike.

The coil from a Hayausa works also. Just measure from the tip of the plug cap to the beginning of the seal, if the distances are the same it will work but as mentioned before you will need to connector and they arent available separately.

I have two of the Yamaha R1 coils left. I used one and I sold one to T.T. member redright for his YZ426 several months ago. I'll send you a pm.

I sent you a pm I'll take one coil please.

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