Support Ernesto!!! Wrist bands available!!!

Just a reminder, Ernesto wrist bands are available on I just bought 10 of them. Lets show our support!! :excuseme::bonk::busted:

I'm sure to get flamed for this but I don't understand all the personal support and wrist band crap. There are normal people that aren't in the spot light that suffer injuries like this every day who get little to no support. This was a sponsored rider with backing. He was practicing I'm sure without the wristbands he's got plenty of support. Why is he more deserving then any normal Joe to receive this extra support.

I would be more willing to buy a wrist band that would show support for all spinal injuries rather then for just one person who happened to be well known.

I guess I'm bitter since I broke my back which changed my life. I was forced to change my career because I cant stand up all day anymore. I've been thru 2 back surgery's and all my support has come from family. I didn't get wrist band money support from the general public because I'm not well known. My insurance picked up most of the tab while I had to pay the rest out of my own pocket. :excuseme:

Sorry just a rant

I'm sure, if you look, you will be able to find an organization that supports all spinal injuries. I am sure they will be happy to accept your donation.

If you were selling wrist bands for your back, I would buy one to support you too.

i ordered one when they first came out still never recieved it. I got an email from them saying they are experiencing difficulties with the ordering process but it will be fixed shortly.. Well that email was sent to me May 3. Doesnt look like im getting my wrist band any time soon

i just got mine yesterday. (6/21/2006)

to kind of expand on chrisn6104's point..... Is ernie not able to afford his recovery? I mean as a factory honda rider one would think he has the best insurance possible?

to kind of expand on chrisn6104's point..... Is ernie not able to afford his recovery? I mean as a factory honda rider one would think he has the best insurance possible?

I doubt Honda has any health insurance program. I think the riders are more like independent contractors than employees.


that is the reason i didn't buy any, i think that as a FACTORY rider he can probably afford to pay for his hospital bills. i think it is more worthwhile to donate to something like the livestrong foundation from lance armstrong where I know i am supporting people who are not as fortunate as EF10 and can't afford to support themselves.

I work in healthcare, and everything is extremely expensive. I'm sure his insurance is not paying 100% of his bills. If his insurance is all that great, why is he having to sell his truck on ebay?

is he permanently paralyzed?

i got one already :-P


Sorry just a rant

Well, that sounds rude but its balls on...

If I broke my back tomorrow I'd lose everything, my family would suffer, and if I sold bands I'd sell like 20 of them to good hearted people and the money would be a drop in the bucket.

Ernie has plenty of money to do evreything he can for himself.

I feel for him, but he still has more money than me. He'll be fine.

I seriously doubt Honda turned a cold shoulder towards him. Think of the bad press that would generate.

I've been thinking of buying a couple of the wristbands, I look at it as not only supporting Ernie but all the riders..really, how much will my 5.00 help out..I just want to show that I as a motorcycle rider, I will stand beside ANYONE who needs my support.

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