Oil change before or after winter storage?

I've always stored my bikes for the winter without changing the oil. I change it in the Spring before the first ride. I know a lot of folks swear by putting fresh oil in "before" storage, and then they don't have to worry about it in the Spring.

Can anybody convince me that it's better to put in fresh oil before storage???

I wouldn't want dirty oil full of acids in my motor all winter. I always change the oil weather it needs it or not. Why take a chance, it's cheap insurance.

My buddy who builds cars changes the oil before storage. Then 3 months in changes and starts the car and cleans it out. Then changes it again before driving season starts. He says that the oil breaks down just being in the motor. Now this is on a car but I don't see how a bike would be any different. Move to the peoples republic of California and (with a green sticker) you can ride all year.

Properly arranged candles and secret chants are my secret. Whooops, forgot, I ride all year long.

There is also the theory of working the kick start lever over till the engine gets to it's compression stroke, and then leaving it that way.

Theory being the valves are closed not allowing moisture into the cylinder head.

I don't bother due to riding the bike all year round. joy.

KLXer is absolutely correct. Oil breaks down with time just as it does with usage. It does seem like an awful waste to change oil that has not been used....but it will breakdown and the components will separate. I've done the baby jar experiment where you pour a bottle half full and place a bolt in the bottle,then on a shelf for a period of time. I have seen Golden spectro break down into 3 distinct layers after about 100 days or so. It has something to do with the chemical reaction with the metal, however I now look at the manufacture date on the bottles and stay away from anything over 60 days old....even though the company says that it won't breakdown inside the plastic bottle.

Bonzai :)

Tim, when did you start using oil??

My pleasure Tim!!!

OK, I guess I'm convinced. Even at $5.50/qt. for oil, I guess it really is cheap insurance.

Thanks for the replies guys....

Oh, and I almost forgot.....You guys that get to ride all year round, well, you suck!!! :)

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