Hot start lever

Hi guys. I bought a 2006 450 back in April of this year. I uncorked it with the AIS kit and new throttle stop. Wow, what a big difference. I finally got to put some seat time in last Saturday the 17th. We rode about 155 miles or so. After a few minor adjustments, suspension and tire pressure, I really like this bike. The bike started up on the 1st. push of the button, ran strong all day, had great throttle response and idled perfectly. My question is about restarting the engine when its warm. After riding 20 to 30 minute intervals if I popped the clutch or stopped the engine and went to restart it, it would not start right away. It would take 8-10 pushes of the button to try and get it going again. after she started she ran like a charm. I did remove the hot start lever because a few people told me I didn't need it. Was this the problem? Has anyone experienced any trouble starting a warm engine? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Rob.

I have found that on a really hot day, when the the bike is hot, just push the hot start and the e start and it fires right up. On cooler days I have found that I don't need it, but I think it's all in tuning the pilot circuit anyway.

I've used the hot start lever on my 2004 after hard riding and coming to a stop. It helps alot, because i noticed if i dont use it, the engine will crank-over alot before starting. I would suggest putting it back on.

Use mine all the time when its hot, and works great!

That's what its for...

I can't imagine removing it. Or someone saying you don't need it.

When hot it'll be rich, maybe too rich to start. The HS leans it out for easy starts.

Our local temp is between 20-35 degrees & I find the hot start necessary. I can get away without using it but it but starting when hot is much easier when using the HS lever.

Thanks for all the feedback. I will re-install the hot start lever and try it 4th. of July weekend. I will reply to let you know what I find out either way. Thanks again for the replys! Rob.

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