2003 WR450 Top Speed Question

For some trips i want to do i have geared it up to a 15/42 tooth combo. My top speed is only 137KM/h. I have read that others are running 15/48 set ups and are doing 160. Can anyone tell me why my bike is so much slower even with the gearing change, or what i need to look at to get the higher top speed out of the 15/48 gearing. :excuseme:



That does sound like pretty tall gearing.... I run 15/46 on my supermoto setup, which obviously has the smaller diameter wheels, which obviously gears it down a bit and my bike tops out and about 95-100mph (150-160 km/h).

I wonder if your bike is actually revving out in top gear? Perhaps the 15/48 guys are getting top revs and yours is struggling a bit with the tall gearing?

I've not done it personally, but my friends with similar bikes are able to hit the rev limiter in top. (or so they tell me).

Just a suggestion :excuseme:

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