Going to try a 2003 YZ Exhaust...

...for grins and as an inexpensive mod. I found one (it's listed as new) for 20.00 on e-Bay and thought I'd play with this exhaust before cutting up the original or purchasing aftermarket.

Has anyone had luck with this idea?

Why can't I leave things alone.


Tried the same deal- put an '04 yz exhaust on my wr- kept the stock header pipe because i think ther're the same anyway. MUCH better :busted::bonk: especially in the low end. Lots more torque in the low end. I did notice an improvement in the mid and high range but nothing really significant. Bought mine on ebay too, definately worth it. About the same noise level as the stock exhaust without the baffle in. haven't rejetted it yet cause i just changed it out a couple of days ago and haven;t had the time- i couldn't stop riding long enough to do it :bonk: no problem with the throttle response or anything like that but i bought the jd jet kit and going to throw it in. change it up you'll be glad you did :excuseme:

I've been running the YZ exhaust for 3 years now and it works great, a bunch less weight and more power everywhere. I'm also using a dr D end cap with spark arrestor. I started with a Pro Moto Billet end cap but their quiet core insert kept loosening up and falling out. A longer bolt for the can mount is all you will need.

The performance is great it will respond even better after jetting big performance enhancement for the $ . the only problem is that it is too loud for off road you need to put the wr can back on to ride in any "managed areas" I don't know how it is in WA but in CA it is becoming a Problem.

Hey great. Thanks for all the responses. I'm really looking forward to the modification.

I do have a managed area that I'd swap the ZY unit out for that day.

Thanks again.


An endcap with a quiet core insert meets the 96db limit. Mine is quieter than a buddies ktm525

I put an 05 YZ exhaust on my 06 WR, love it, more power everywhere, bought mine on ebay for 9 bux, great deal, it's aluminum with a titanium tip. It's a nice bit louder when you are on the gas but livable when putting around houses and stuff....TallSeat.jpg

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