Need to know the stock jetting for the WR450

Got my hands on 2 WR450F carbs and while waiting for them to show up, I am gonna order some jets. I need to know what the stock jetting is so I don't get repete jets... Does anyone know all the settings and sizes of the jets including the needle? They are 05s, were the 04-06 all jetted the same? Thanks for the help.....

Not sure of the pilot etc but the stock main on my 06 was a 165.

06 450F STD Jetting

Common changed items:

MJ 165

PJ 45

Starter 65

Leak 50

The PAJ in the intake bell is not normally changed out unless you mess with the ACV. Then the part is for a YZ, not listed under WR.

Thanks guys! you wouldn't happen to know the needle code would you?

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