Best Or Close All Round Rear Tire For 650L ?

Its time to put a new rear tire on my '04 650L and I am confused with all the choices. I had narrowed it to the Dunlop D606 but would like to hear what 650L riders have to say. My riding is 70% dirt,30% street with the dirt riding mostly forest service roads.Also can anyone in the Greater Vancouver BC area tell me where I can get a decent price on tires? I see the D606 for $54.95 on the net but get quoted $130 at the local bike shops.Thanks!

I've ran the Pirelli MT21's for more than 15 years now, best of the bunch.

Tried a couple of 606's, handled the same in the dry dirt, but were lousy, squrmey, rotten POS's on the pavement.

What I do nowdays is put on a cheap, soft terrain knobby at the beginning of the wet season, then switch to the MT21 when it gets dry.

22 lbs on the road, 14 in the dirt.

what is the widest tire that can fit on the 650L?


how does the mt21 compare to the stock tire?

Like night and day! :bonk: For offroad that is, not bad on street either- mt21 :excuseme:

what is the widest tire that can fit on the 650L?


I run the 130 width on my 650L. Snug fit.

I took my trailwings off of my '98 650L, they are junk for the dirt. It has a MT21 on the front now and a Kenda trackmaster II 760 on the rear. I have about 250 miles on them now. The MT21 just now is getting the little nubs worn off from being so new. It really holds well in the turns off road. The Kenda I'm still not decided on. I'm not real easy on the throttle when I'm offroad and the knobs are well rounded now which surprised me just how much they wore over in a short amount of time. It still bites better than the trailwings did but I can tell that they have rounded over. I ride about 50/50, road there is a decrease in performance. I don't like to take the corners quite as aggressive with these and they don't get as much traction as the trailwings, but well worth the trade off for the offroad performance. Last thing about the Kenda you have to look at is the price, I paid $35 for mine.

Dang, that's not much better.

Like everyone else I think the MT21's are the #1 off road solution. But I travel 40min to and from work on my pig as well so lasting power and price are big considerations. The Kenda 270's, although not particularly agressive (especially the front) hold up well and have gotten me into and out of places that I probably shouldn't have been in the first place.

I'm running mt21 140 and there is room for bigger I've shoehorned a 5.30 but it's tight I think a 5.10 and 140 are the samethe 5.10 may be slightly bigger.

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