my buddy's new 2006 WR 450

What are the hot set ups for the 2006 WR 450? any help would be awesome. Oh, he has some extra cash to burn on it so let me know.This is what my buddy looks like when he is sitting on his new ride. :excuseme::bonk::busted::bonk::p:p


Search this forum for free mods, AIS removal, etc... Have him search this forum to get a idea of a decent quiet exhaust system. Ditch the stock dunlops, TM designs chain guide, re-spring suspension if he's over 210 lbs., jetting, jetting, jetting........ it's probably to lean already, search this or the jetting forum for Indy's chart. :excuseme:

If I got another new bike, it is suspension respring / revalve straight away,

with a decent mx slip-on muffler or exhaust system. I wouldn't even look at the bike unless these two things were done.

Then he could look at things like Dunlop 952 tyres, fat bars and bike protection like hand guards, frame guards, rad guards and bashplate.

Swapping to a YZ exhaust cam is a good trick too.

As SJMC DON has said, Jetting is a big part of setting up the WR's. A GYT-R AIS kit comes with a needle and pilot jet required so it is a good purchase.

Free mods 1st,throttlestop,both air box mods,gray wire,Ais removal to get rid of irritating backfire,exhaust, I love my DR D,then proper jetting these bikes are way lean to start with,emissions and all!!!pwr plus sytem is noticeable performance worth the$$.dont forget skid plate& Radiator braces.Yes I sprung leftside radiator all my fault..these mods as compared to stock....I giggle all the way to the 1st turn like a little girl!!!

these mods as compared to stock....I giggle all the way to the 1st turn like a little girl!!!

What, you pull the holeshot everytime against all the MX bikes too? :excuseme:

:busted: I thought it might have been just me! :bonk:

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