Oh man do i need help

ok i bought a dirt cheap xr600 a while back and have been working on it ever since sparing no money on the best of parts i get everything togethor and try to start is and no spark, i replaced the pulse generator and check the ignition coil so all is good i get voltage going to the spark plug boot and i cant figure out why she wont spark or start i have this potentially insane bike and sje wont start i cheked alll thegrounds aswell and all seems good just still no spark please give me some help and ideas.

Might try removing the tank and kick it over in a dark garage and see if the coil or plug wire is arcing.

I would buy a new spark plug and cap, the ignition cap twists off the coil lead and do fail, plus they are cheap to replace.

First I would check the obvious things like- is all the wiring all connected properly, and if the plug cap is screwed on the coil lead properly. A common problem with the early XR6's is with the exciter coil on the stator going bad. Check the resistance of the black/red wire coming from the stator to ground. You should get between 200-350 ohms otherwise the stator is bad and will need replacing/rewinding.

everything you guys have stated i have done 10 times over and its driving me crazy i need this bike to be ready by july 4th, brand new blug boot get continuity the hole shibang yet still no spark, stator is good measured at about 300

If you're sure the stator/pickup are ok, next I would check to see wether you have voltage getting to the coil. If you have a multimeter set it to Ac Volts, when the bike is kicked over vigorously (remove the sparkplug) you should read between 15-25 volts max at the black/yellow wire. If you dont get that voltage to the coil, you have a CDI box faulty or wiring problem. Check all the wiring for continuity between all points.

well unfortunatly thats about what i get to the spark plug boot yet still no spark its very very irritating like i said i get plenty of current to it cause i shocked the crap out of my hand. im at the point where i going to redo all the wiring cause time is winding down

This might seem kind of mundane, but did you check to make sure your plug is properly grounded to the head? If theres no ground, there will be no spark.

i have a 93 XR650L.it runs great.but every so often it wont start[spark].giggle the wires and maybe it will start like nothing was wrong.i hate its wishy washy attitude.what do i say[do]to her?i want to go on a long ride.

How about the ignition pulse generator rotor? Did you have it off? I know it seems impossible to get it on in the wrong position, but I actually did it once and had spark, but at the wrong time. Did you recheck for proper cam timing?

I almost hate to ask, but did you try more than one spark plug?

After I got my XR running on the old plug, I put a new one in it. Then chased a percieved carb problem for weeks and weeks. Then at one point I checked the plug and found it to be intermittent. Ive worked on a lot of stuff, but Ive never seen an intermittent spark plug. Sometimes it would work, and sometimes not. I changed it again and the thing runs like a champ...

Shawn, what the hell mean, 6900 posts? is that legal?

My brother-in-law's bike started working like crap during our last ride. It would idle fine but wouldn't take any revs - backfiring and hardley running. It turned out to be partially stripped spark plug threads in the head. The plug wouldn't ground properly. You have a new plug and wire right ?

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