XR maintenance

XR's are just about bullet proof. With just a little bit of preventive maintenance these bikes will run forever. Motopower Video Productions released a DVD that shows how to adjust the valves. In fact, the DVD shows how to do both the XR valves and the CRF valves on the same DVD. This should appeal to those who own XR's and CRF's.

Motopower also has a Basic Maintenance DVD that shows how to change the oil, clean the air filter, replace the chain and sprockets, change the back tire, adjust the spokes, check the bearings, replace the brake pads & brake rotor, bleed the brakes, and lube the throttle cable. I think you would agree that the these procedures are done frequently to keep a bike running in top condition.

If you're having a problem tuning the carburetor you might consider the Carb tune-up DVD. It begins with a bike that won't start and walks through the proper carb setup procedure. You'll learn how to diagnose problems based on the throttle response and reading the spark plug. You will also see how carb modifications affect the performance of the bike.

You can view samples of the DVD's at www.motopowervideo.com.

Good luck

so does anyone have this?

After reviewing Marty's video's, I can honestly say they leave nothing uncovered.

If you have any doubts about your ability to perform the task, the video walks you through the entire procedure. His shock rebuild video has persuaded me to disassemble, clean, and re-oil my CRF's Showa shock.

This will be a first time for me!!!


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