2004 WR450F Graphics...

OK, graphics on the fuel tank are coming loose, all else is fine. So I'm in the market for new graphics or graphics with matching seat cover. But for some reason, finding WR graphics is pretty tough. No problem finding anything for the YZF's, but no WR's. If I could find some tank/scoop graphics, I could re-install my stock seat cover, but I cant even find that. Anyone have a source for graphics for an ageing 2004 WR450F. I didnt think it was that old, but apparently, in dirt bike years, it is. Nothing available for it anymore. I've searched the normal sites, ie RM, DK, MSO and some TT stuff. Also, if anyone has used YZF graphics with small trimming, what year worked for you? My last option is to order stock ones right from Yamaha. help :bonk::excuseme:


The '04 OEM YZF shroud graphics fit the '04 WR shrouds almost perfectly - only very minor trimming is needed and they look perfect. The OEM YZF graphics were about half the price of the OEM WR graphics from the TT store. I didn't need to replace the tank graphics.

I can send a pic if needed.


This thread is almost 2 years old....:excuseme: and I thought ToyotaMDT was happy with the One Industries Set :confused:

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