03 WR450 Valve question

Hi, I have a WR450 with around 10,000km on it (6000miles) and I was wondering if I should start thinkinig about any serious maintenance. The bike still runs strong but I dont want to wait too long and regret it. I hear that some WR400's did break a valve and ruin the engine. Yamaha went to titanium valves in 01 with the 426 as far as i know, has this resolved the issue? Does anyone know of any WR450's that dropped a valve? Do the titanium valves have a life limit on them? So many questions :bonk:

Thanks alot :excuseme:

I would do a rebuild at 15 to 20,000. km based on how hard you rev her.

I did mine at 12,000. miles and it was very needed. You will notice more engine noise when the main bearing starts going and the cam chain starts stretching and hooking the crank sprocket. :excuseme:

Thanks Indy_WR450. I think I will tear her down soon and refresh. Its not really that expensive considering the life you add to the engine by doing things like rings, springs, cam chain and other bits n peices. The only thing Im bit undecided about is if I should replace the valves. They are quite costly and I dont want to part with the cash if I dont need to. Not sure what I should do? :excuseme:

If the valves need replacing, replace them.

Or instead of doing her up, get rid of her.

The '07's are just around the corner, don't you just want one?!?!

With 10,000kms on the clock, get another clock before you sell!!!

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