Anyone install a Boyesen Acc Pump?

Is this difficult to do on your own?

I have an '05 WR450 and limited mechanics experience. I even chickened out and had dealer do the throttle stop (before I bought the accelerator pump cover).

I know this is a bolt on part but I wonder about removing the carb any gotchas for putting it all back.


Just take your time and take note of how the diaphram sits in the accel pump when you pull off the OEM one. Put it in the new one the same way. It is hard to stuff up, it is only 3 screws!

You might have to take the tank off to get to the carby. Rotate the carby by undoing the rubber boot on the carb (engine side!) and the air box boot. This will allow you to pull the carby free from the motor and turn it enough to get at the bottom of it.

Just loosen the clamps on the carb and you should be able to rotate it enough to get to the bottom with out removing carb from bike.Much easier and quicker.

No I agree with Matty take the tank off and loosen everything thats the worst part but makes it alot easier,your gonna cuss a little anyway.Check your jetting.Nows the time.I had put in a JD kit and followed Indys chart my bike was running great no bog,anyway we always want a little more dont we.. cant actually say that it helped my bike that much.My bike didnt bog after kit and proper jetting.Maybe a little pwr increase on the bottom.but now my bike is a little harder to start when hot with the button??thats what I noticed most..

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