Help me out here: Can't decide on Decal Works number plate color for yellow YZF

I have an yellow YZF and plan on getting a set of Decal Works number plates for it. The number plate background needs to be yellow, and the number (11 M) needs to be black for my class. But what color is going to look best for the border of the number plates? I can't think of anything that will look nice for a yellow YZF. If I use yellow it will look like there is too much yellow, and it wont stand out. If I use black it will have too much yellow and black, and will look like a giant bumble bee. What other colors have people used with their yellow YZFs? Thanks.

Here is a couple pics of mine - when my bike was brand new .Decal Works did these back in Feb - they have the deeper yellow color down now -

for you the border if yellow would be black with White accents - as you can see not too much...



quality and fit perfect - and they will mount them for you iff you desire

Or you can custom design these for your individual taste

Awesome! That is exactly what I want. Ordered me up a set today.

GA426, that is sweet! Nice job....I am getting some for my blue one. Did you buy that application kit (3-step process)?, I have had bad luck installing on the side plates - I sent the side plates to DecalWorks to do a professional install job....I will say that they have held up very good - no lifting....even on my 03 2-3years old.

Let me know if they have the Yami Yellow color down pat now at Decal Works ...mine are closer to a RMZ yellow - not a big deal...hard to tell unless you look real close. You can choose different styles and colors for your personal preference....I like DC works but they do not like to negotiate on price....and they are amongst the most expensive out there...but quality is very very good.... :excuseme:

also if you do not want the DC Works logo - tell them - otherwise you will get it......maybe that is why they won't negotiate? :bonk:

Take a look at mine.

Look left

Decal Works does quick work, and overnight shipping don't hurt either. Here is what my '06 YFZ turned out like. Keep in mind that for my class I needed black numbers with a yellow background. I had been concerned about there being too much yellow and black if I didn't add another color as well, but I think it turned out rather nice :excuseme: .




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