Back with a BRP (almost)

I will be buying a new 06 or 07 BRP within the next week or so. Having seen the general issues that BRPs have, how much cooperation can I expect from the dealer in preemptively fixing the important ones? I plan to have the dealer strip and re-grease the bike and change the fork oil to 2.5wt. The thinking on the former is to correct Honda's stinginess with grease, and the latter is to preempt whale-snot syndrome and detect potentially rusty fork innards. I will also try to get the dealer to do the uncork for me as part of the prep, since I have a less than desirable quantity of tools at the moment.

I would particularly appreciate input from other riders in the Dallas area as to which dealers are reputable, and therefore more likely to actually do all the work, and honestly report or fix the rust in the forks if present.

I understand that the dealer may charge some extra for doing work beyond standard prep, though I will expect them not to charge the full amount since they will be going into the bike as part of prep.

A dealer help you do that...shit THATS FUNNY !!!

they will over-promise but I promise they will under-deliver.

good luck

Find a mechanic you can trust to do the work, some of the bozos at dealers here that worked on my friends bikes can't even check the oil level without bungling something up. :excuseme:

I think you would be better off doing it yourself. Other than a quality set of wrenches and a socket set you don't need much. Pep Boys and Harbor Freight sell atv lifts for around 60 bucks - a must need for any rider. Repacking bearings, both wheel and steering neck and greasing the linkage isn't that tough a job. Uncorking the pig is real easy. If you don't want to work on the forks, find an independent motorcycle repair shop that specializes in suspension.

There are reputable dealers out there. You just need to find one. The dealer I work with bends over backwards for his customers. If you asked them, they would re-grease the bike. They uncork the pigs before they leave the showroom, since they know they run like crap without it. They even uncork their crf's.

So you just need to find a good dealer if you don't want to do it yourself.

I have a 2000 xr650r and never had a problem with the grease, so it might be a hit or miss. I also got stiffer springs for the pig and my internals looked fine when they put the new springs in. I just put a lowering link on my bike so pulled the bottom linkage and there was plenty of grease.

My CR250 was a different story though. So you never know, but I am sure a good dealer would take care of you. When I had my cr250 rebuilt they used lots of grease so it made me happy.

I would consider doing the uncork procedure, but I am hesitant to pull out the forks, and apparently that is a known issue with the 650R which I am concerned about. I won't be doing all that much riding at first, so I don't want the internals to completely rust away in case I can't keep everything moving.

Whats a good grease to use for the steering, linkage etc? Will Belray water proof grease do it or is there better?

The guy who runs the Pig Pen website ( says that he doesn't like BelRay because he feels the tackifier breaks down too quickly. However, that is apparently a personal opinion. Supposedly any aluminum-complex grease works fine.

I pulled my forks apart after 5 years of use. Bough the bike new and they had never been apart. The oil was pretty snotty but not a spot of rust to be seen. Fitted HD Eibach springs and the front end is transformed.

I pulled my forks apart after 5 years of use. Bough the bike new and they had never been apart. The oil was pretty snotty but not a spot of rust to be seen. Fitted HD Eibach springs and the front end is transformed.

Did you revalve the forks as well?

Ok, so I go to the dealer today, and they tell me that the bearings for the swingarm and wheels are sealed on the XR650R, so they don't need to be greased, and that the steering head is packed at the factory. Also that the shock linkage is not a bearing per se, but just a ball joint.

Additionally, they say that to properly change the fork oil, they need to remove the fork seals, which destroys the seals. They say that it isn't possible to properly set the oil level any other way.

Any input?

Obviously they don't need to know anything about bikes to sell them. They are just blowing you off...................And you want them to make your bike right?!?!?!?

for a look at the bearings go to bike bandit or

they are full of it. run away from that scum bag dealer.

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