426 exhaust

does anyone have an exhaust system they want to sell for really cheap, i am in need of one, stock or aftermarket, anything but the procircit t4 that i have now. it is sooooo obnoxiously loud, and i believe it is for top end speed, which i dont want for the track. people get mad at me that it is so loud, and it hurts me and my friends ears!! please send me a message if you do..thank you.

I have a FMF Powercore IV2 laying around. It ain't necessarily cheap and I don't really consider it quiet. But I have plans on Ebay'ing it soon. Let me know if it something you are interested in. :excuseme:

I have a stock one laying around. PM me if your interested :excuseme:

if you cant find any you could search ebay, i have seen a lot of used exhaust go for cheap. :excuseme:

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