my WR is now a YZ..or WZ...and I like it.....

I blew up the engine and bought a used former flat track engine off e-bay. The retard who sold it to me said it was indeed a 2002 wr with a 444 wiseco big bore, web race cams, ported & polished etc..All great mods BUT, its a YZ, NOT a WR..damn good thing this guy included the wiring harness cause my wr harness wouldnt work, no spark. This bikes 1st gear pulls soooo much further than the wr its not funny. I yanked the lights off a long time ago so i dont care about that. I did keep the over-flow tank cause here in SW Florida its hot as a M.F.!! I dont boil over in the tight stuff like my buddy does. I kept the kick-stand on to much ridiculing from others. It sure comes in handy when I have to kick start when Im really tired! Oh, and a swapped the gas tank and seat out with a yz the very 1st week I got her. It seems much easier to scoot up on the tank in jumps & low angle berms. I may put the headlight/ tailight/ stator back on someday, its cool to have that option huh? I am very pleased with this "new" bike. I will post some pics of this bike and the Banshee I re-built from the groud up. Its NASTY. I wouldnt want to be behind it all all. It will go over 100 mph if I had the nads to do it. I might sell if anyone is interested. It is better than new and is a lot of fun. Anyway, if anyone would lik to convert thier WR to a WZ, Let me know, I can save you some time and mistakes that I spent. See ya.... :excuseme:

Welcome to the Dark...eeeerrr....YZ Side of the force! I have a YZ that is masquerading as a WR! I have the Baja Designs dual-sport kit on it, Clarke 3.3 gallon tank, kickstand, and various other goodies.

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