quite aftermarket muffler

is there a truely guite aftermarket out there.lm talking 94db. how about the fmf q, or the whitebrother e-2. has anyone passed a 94db. sound check with any aftermarket muffler?

Your best bet is to stay with the stock and put the PMB insert in. I have friends that run that and they have no problem passing the CCC 94db limit

I ride a YZ426 and have tried the White Brothers E2 muffler ($250) and went to a Big Gun with a quite insert and it was guaranteed to pass by Mike Young himself ($800 because I have a TY Davis Tank).

When I could get them to pass (two disc's in the WB and restrict the outlet on the BG) they were unridable.

Most all of the aftermarket mufflers now are running around 96dB's, because that is what California's requirement is.

I have since gone to a stock WR Muffler as I was sick of riding illegal.

My FMF Q & Powerbomb SX header blows 93 dB but only with Silent Sport packing. I think the Q2 is pretty much the same as the Q only they used Silent Sport packing at the factory. My Q would blow your ears out with the factory packing. That Silent Sport stuff beats the s**t out of any other packing. Most of the manufacturers are using it now in anything they promote as "quiet".

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