Trail Tech Computer ??

TRAIL TECH COMPUTER Anybody have one of these on their YZ or WR? Can you tell me any pro's and con's.....

I have one on my WR450 and one on my Raptor 700R. I really like them for telling me distance traveled, accumulated ride time and actual vehicle speed. And they are really inexpensive too.

Did you see the new Vapor? It does all that, and adds a tachometer, shift lights and water temp gauge. Very slick!

I have one I love its very small very handy even the clock feature is nice I don't really have any complaints . take your time on the wiring do a carfull job and it will serve you well.

I have Endurance computer and my wife has Lynx, both working great.

Endurance is low profile but with all good functions.

Lynx has bigger display and constant lit backlight when bike is running as well as the lap timing capability.

Vapor has the tach feature.

It is REALLY important to run the sensor cable properly so that you do not distroy it.

I pressure wash both bikes with no problems of the meters, do not even take them off.

Reliable if cables are correctly routed.

I was about half-way through putting one on a 1999 WR400F. It looks simple, but I found two minor gotchas.

First the sensor expects to be mounted to the stock brake caliper carrier. When this is attached to the fork leg it leaves a gap into which the sensor can be slid and then secured with an allen bolt. If you use a Zip-Ty disk and carrier it mounts flush and the gap is gone. Need to machine a step into the carrier.

Second, I am running GYT-R mounts and a Pro Taper bar. The upper handlebar clamp is curved and the Trail Tech computer mount will not sit correctly because it is expecting a flat top clamp like the ones used with Scott steering dampers. The web site explains how machine down the leading edge of the clamp and mount the computer between the clamps.

Just ordered the new Vapor. :excuseme:

I'll post how well it works out. I sold my 06 stock Yamaha digital computer on eBay (to Thumper Bloke, I think) since my supermoto hubs (and also dirt, now) are not compatible with it.

I got one. All pro's, no real cons. It does everything that I need. It has an odometer, trip meter, stop watch, spedo,etc... I've got it set to change my oil every 200 miles, and to service my bike every 300 miles.

they are cool and they are cheap. they are also durable. As many times as I've crashed (and hard I might say), it still works.

No downsides. Buy it cheaply and then get a low cost gps. You don't want to be in a position where you need one and don't have one.

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