suspention work?

who should i trust to improve my suspention? I would like the better elastomer bumper to eliminate the harsh bottoming. Also interested in the gold valves. its a 2k, and i think its time to finally change my fork oil... might as well improve things while she is being torn down.

thanks a lot everybody!! :)

White Bros. suspension department is who I contacted and they recommended not to go with gold valves and that shimming was the way to go. I felt like they were not just trying to sell me something that I didn't need and set me up for my weight and style at the best cost. I'm sure they can help you also.

Good Luck.


Mark is located in Atlanta, but could do a quick turn around for you. He work is amoung the best in the industry. He does work for several Pro's both Super Cross and Desert riders. I don't think any of the shops in the country can match his workmanship or his prices.

I love what he has done for my WR....MX and Trails are way too much fun now...

Bonzai :)


White Brothers are great when it comes to Exhaust systems and after market items....However...They are NOT suspension Experts. You want to deal with a business that dedicates their full resources when it comes to your Race Tech..and some of the others. A muffler or a skid plate won't get you hurt or killed if it's not setup properly.

Bonzai :)

thanks guys! :) i am on it!


MX-Tech has a facility in western Pa. John Curea (hangs out here at TT) runs it and did my suspenders. Great service and workmanship. He updated my bottoming cones but, I can't tell you if their improved..... the suspension works to good :)


Factory Connection. They have a guy name Steve Hatch who is a WR Freak. He will take good care of you. He races MX with his WR and dialed my 2000 pretty tight. Felt like a new ride! Good Luck and let me know if you need their number. :)

I'll second Bill's MX Tech recommendation. I just got both fork and shock revalved and resprung from their west coast affiliate Steve Brice of So. Cal Suspension Service. They'll take the time to answer all your questions and make sure they are setting the bike up for your specific needs in terms of rider weight/height, ability, types of riding/racing and terrain ridden. Check out for more details.


My advise is to ask alot of questions, find out what is and what is not included in the revalve price. You might get a quote from someone only to find out later that oil, shims, etc.. were "extra".

Some shops will invite you in to watch the whole procedure, this can be an education in itself.

Ask for all old parts back. It seems to be getting common place to replace bushings when they arent needed to be changed. Unless the forks were installed incorrectly, where as you get a lot of side load on the bushing or the oil was extremely contaminated, they are usually just fine.

If they change your bushings, take a look at them when you get the old ones back. If the outer bushings still has the teflon (black) coating all the way around the inside and the inner (the smaller one) bushing has solid teflon on the outside they are good. If you see a bushing that has the teflon "scraped" off, it is usually because of incorrect disassembly procedures, this is not your fault, you shouldnt be responsible.

And also, make sure the shop offers a full money back guarentee, if they dont, they dont beleive in thier work, find another shop......

There are alot of good suspension shops and (as like anything) some less than credible...its your hard earned cash, be careful.

Good Luck, John

John, thanks for the insight! and I would like your help. i'm about 200# w/ gear. alot of my backyard is fourth gear woods, and mx. i'm 25 and have ridden since my 50 zinger, more than tweny years ago. the stock wr, set stiff, was the best i've ever ridden, but.... could you e-mail me a quote. please. thanks or i could call you...

I tried leaving a note at the mx-tech site, but there were problems... thanks again

have a great day and go riding! :)

Pro action has done wonders for my 98 WR400 you can Contact Bart Lucas at 716-254-0660 and tell him WRick sent you....

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