White guck coming out of breather tube on my 426!

What gives? There's a ~1/2" tube that runs along the bottom of the frame on the left side of the bike that I'm assuming is some sort of crankcase breather?

This milky white sludge falls out of it when I park the bike, and it continues to drip for a while. I imagine it does the same when I ride.

Check your oil. It is probably the same color. Do a search and you can probably find instructions on how to re-route the breather tube into your airbox. What is happening is when you go through a puddle or stream you are sucking water into your engine. Either that you have a blown head gasket.


As far as I know you need not worry. I have had the same after being through water the breather pipe will drip oil and it will be white due to the water. it is a good idea to do the airbox thing if you go through loads of water. I believe what can happen is if you stall in the water then water gets sucked up the breather pipe

When I first got my bike, I seen it do that :bonk: . But after some good advise here on TT, I changed my oil and all was fine :busted: . Some how or another the previous owner had over filled the oil, causing it to seep out the breather tube. There it mixed with water from where ever(condensation), and gave the appeareance of a blown head gasket.

Change your oil and filter . 2001 426 with filter add 1.69 qt.;2002 426 with filter gets 1.48 qt.

after you fill it to proper level, it should stop dripping the milk :excuseme:

better check ur coolant , might have leaked into the engine , casuing the milky mixture. :excuseme:

I had the same thing, it was cause i overfilled my oil and cold mornings, condensation in the breather pipe.

02 WR426F

fear not, unless there is heaps of gunk.

just after i test rode my 400 there was 3 or 4 small drips of white gunk, and i was just about to pay for the bike and i nearly shit. i grew up understanding white oil meant head gasket or similar sorts of issues.

now i'm used to just another querky yamaha thing.

ride on fellow gunkmeister

It's just aerated oil and is perfectly normal, especially when properly filled to the full mark. It'll drip a few milky drops when I park. Now at 10000 miles, my oil level barely goes down betweeen 620 miles (1000 Kms) Amsoil 0W40 synthetic oil changes.

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